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We offer a wide variety of different Butchers Block's to cater in our customers needs. 

As the whole idea is customer comfort, we have fitted these onto wheels and offer from your normal Butchers Block that allows you to move your work area as it best suites you, Wine Trolleys to move your drinks and wine around to where you and your quests will be, to Port-a-Bar's that offers the comfort of a portable fridge for the comfort of you and your quests.

Over and above the range we have in stock, we can custom these trolleys to accommodate your preferences.

The trolleys are either made from Saligna or Rhodesian Teak. Most trolleys come with a granite top, but it is also available in a 35mm and 50mm wood top.

We are very excited about our new games trolley, that includes a flip top, that doubles as either a bar counter or a poker table and our wine cooler trolley that will be available very shortly and be added to our standard range of trolleys.

Goto our on-line store for a quotation (all orders will be handled as quotations until a final quotation has been accepted by you).

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