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Durable and of the highest quality, these sets will compliment and round off your home, and make you the envy of your friends and visitors. Available in a variety of wood types, and sizes, we are able to custom them to your needs!

Four seater Morris Set. Two adjustable one seaters and one adjustable two seater. Made from teak. Cushions optional and coffee table optional.

Includes Square Table and 8 Classic High Back Chairs Made from Rhodesian Teak 

A lovely square smooth top, also suited as an indoor dining table. Set includes 8 hand made classic high back dining chairs, made from Rhodesian Teak. Table Top measurement: 1.6 x 1.6m Table only R6450 Classic High Back hande made T

Includes Table and 8 Chairs Made from Rhodesian Teak 

Aluminium table, with glass top.  8 Seater.

Aluminuim table with glass top. 6 seater. 

A combination of Steel and Rhodesin Teak. Set includes table (900mm diameter), with bottom rack and four high chairs with foot rest. VERY comfortable!  

Includes Table and 10 Chairs. Two variations: Either as seen on photo 2 x 3 chairs or as a longer 1 x 4 table. Made from Rhodesian Teak 

Includes Table and 6 Chairs Made from Rhodesian Teak 

Made from French Oak Barrels.  Include barrel pub table with four barrel bar chairs.

Made from French Oak Barrels. Includes barrel pub table and six barrel bar chairs. 
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